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Individual Psychology – Strengths and Distinctions

The Individual Psychology founded by Alfred Adler is a social psychology with a humanistic and systemic orientation. Human beings are seen in a holistic way as a unity of mind and body. They are part of the social community from which they cannot be divided. Special attention is paid to the social conditions and relations which influence the forming of the personality.  more ...    
Ethical Fundamentals ViBD    
ViBD e.V. is a politically, philosophically and religiously neutral, independent association of anyone interested in Adlerian Individual Psychology. The association represents the ideational and professional interests of members in their support, practice and spreading of Adlerian Individual Psychology. more ...    
Principles of Acting    
Our life is constantly influenced by high demands on all of us personally, in our families, our professions and our society. With this background "individual psychological counseling" offers "help for self-help" in a sense of the principle of subsidiarity. more ...    

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