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Verband individualpsychologischer Berater
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Alfred Adler and his successors have always understood the Individual Psychology as an applied psychology, as a means to master day-to-day life, not just as a scientific paradigm.
Special schools and educational counselling centres, e.g.,  have been founded based on this tradition. The tremendous popularity of individual psychological statements in everyday life roots in this pragmatic mind-set, although the origin of such statements is often

not known (any more).

Based on this tradition – and particularly through Dreikurs and Blumenthal - the Individual Psychology proved it’s worth  initially in parental counselling and as a self-help tool in education.

The Individual Psychology is accepted as a psychological method by the medical associations and the health insurance companies in Germany. Outside the universities, training in therapy is carried out by the Alfred Adler Institutes, the Telos Institut Munich and the Rattner Institut, Berlin.



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